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Welcome to Lamu Homes and Safaris

Lamu Homes & Safaris has been operating successfully for the last 10 years. We specialize in organizing trips to Lamu, offering a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets either in a hotel guest house or private villa, constantly traveling, discovering new and exciting destinations to share with you.

There is a large variety of accommodation available on Lamu Island, from friendly, basic budget accommodation in small locally-owned guest houses, to exclusive accommodation in privately-owned houses and boutique hotels. There is something to suit all budgets and individual requirements.

Lamu town is ideal for those searching for the cultural experience of Lamu, shops open late in the evening, the local fish and vegetable market near the lamu town square, the busy dhow harbor, narrow cool streets, mosques, donkeys, carts and veiled women, and the atmosphere of an old town which has changed little in the last 200 years. If you are staying in Lamu town you can visit Shela beach or Manda beach by boat, as Lamu Town itself has no beach.

For those who prefer to be near the beach, and perhaps visit the town sometime during their stay in Lamu, Shela Village is 3kilometres South of Lamu town, or a 15 minute boat ride away. The fabulous 15kilometre Shela beach starts here, the shela village is sheltered from the open sea, overlooking the channel between Manda Island and Lamu Island. For those who prefer complete privacy and seclusion, there is Kipungani and Kizingo on the South-Western tip of the island, about 40 minutes by boat from Lamu and Manda Airport, Kiwayu Island about 40 miles North of Lamu, Manda Bay or Manda Beach on Manda Island.

Competitive Air Packages to Lamu, Shela and Manda Island are available on request from Nairobi, Malindi or Mombasa. All the lamu hotels and lamu private houses offer guided excursions and dhow trips, as well as boat transfers from Manda Airport.

Lamu Hotels
Lamu Private Houses

Below is a quick list of some of the best hotels in lamu and private houses in lamu that we take our esteemed visitors to.