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Lamu Homes & Safaris has been operating successfully for the last 25 years. We specialize in organizing trips to offering a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets either in a hotel guest house or private villa, constantly traveling, discovering new and exciting destinations to share with you. We specialize in booking Air Packages and a wide range of accommodation in Private Houses and Small hotels or guest houses to suit all budgets, both in the Historical Lamu Town, or near the marvelous unspoiled beaches in the area.... Read More>>

Featured Hotels

Jannat House - Lamu Town

Stone House Hotel - Lamu Town

Stopover Guest House - Shela Village

The Island Hotel - Shela Village

Diamond Beach Village - Manda Island

Jannataan House - Shela Village

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Featured Private Houses

Nyumba Kiru - Manda Bay, Lamu

Forodhani House - Shela Village

Mnarani House - Shela Village

Jasmine House - Shela Village

Palm House - Shela Village

Garden House - Shela Village

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Latest News & Blogs

Lamu yoga festival 8th -12th March 2017

It's a gift you really need to give yourself the fourth annual Lamu yoga festival see hundreds of eager yogis flood to this tropical kenyan paradise to get their zen... Read more

Lamu Old Town

Lamu Old Town is the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, retaining its traditional functions. Built in coral stone and mangrove timber, the town is characterized by the... Read more

Activities in Lamu

Lamu Town Trips and excursions are best booked directly with the local boat owners and guides in Lamu, for the simple reason that there are no fixed prices and these are... Read more

Lamu Archipelago

The Lamu Archipelago is a group of islands located just off the North-Eastern coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. Lamu is Kenya’s oldest and best preserved living town and... Read more